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Monday, 4 July 2016

Family Files -- July 2016

My sister Christine was 60 on Sunday and she is the youngest of our family. Robin, who is with us in this photo is our nephew. That cause a bit of confusion when he and Christinme were teenagers -- he'd say 'That's my aunt' and girls would reply -- 'Oh yeah!' He will be 60 next May! I am 62 this week. Esme has been for her annual holiday this year. Here she is at Wallington. and us on Holy Island Dear me -- where does it go? T I M E?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

May flowers etc

Just at the end of April we had sleet and ice and snow. The daffodils weren't put off by it. Seems as long as the days are lengthening the birds and the bees are okay with that. 
 Daffs down by Belsay castle
Bluebells beginning A bank of primroses and a bush of flowering blackcurrant with it's sweet, heady, tom-cat perfume.

Pathways lined with blossoms The stinking, the slightly absurd and the highly scented -- all have their place here.
Such a range of plants and colours

Purple Shadows
Britain May 2016 -- I wish it was all as idyllic as it looks.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Pretending to be Northumbrian for St George's Day

14th April is a special date for me. It is the date on which I moved to Northumberland after 14 years in Wales. I got all the furniture into a Pickford's van, locked the front door on our house in Port Talbot, dropped the key off at the estate agents and took a National Express Coach to Newcastle -- for good! Big stuff!!! Noel met me at Strawberry Lane and that evening we went to The Tandoor Mahal for a meal. Our furniture caught up with us after Easter when moved into a lovely house in the grounds of St Mary's Stanningtom where Noel was working.That was 24 years ago. I have now lived in Morpeth longer than anywhere else -- so I'm pretending to be Northumbrian now.

Last night The Morpeth Poetry Recital Group helped us celebrate by joining in with gusto on my poem George and the Stobhill Worme. Thanks everyone who read a part and Margaret Kerswell for being such a good dragon and to the audience for their hisses and boos. It was great! I am told I won a raffle token for the ICEBAR too. I love icecream!
There is a video of the poem but you have to be a member of the group to see it.

There were bright books.

there was song.
There was Verner and Adrian as the Squire and the Thane
There were hisses and there was booze
There were even farts and poos!

and there was charity of course. We raised the roof and £50.
The ICE BAR is C O O L

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Almost Silent Converation -- a poem of pictures + a Whiplington called Ruby

At Belsay House and Gardens there is colour all year round

but spring is a feast of sight and scents and sound. 

Imagine a constant buzzing of bees

a flitting of waspy things and hover flies. 

Imagine that high pitched chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff-chiff 

and the drill of the woodpecker and the screigh 

of pheasants echoing round quarry walls. 

Imagine dappled sun light shifting 

under new leaf and in and out of shade, 

the smell of damp lichens after rain, the scent

the wonder of the waxy yellow bog lily's flower

the gunneras which grow bigger hour on hour 

a thousand daffodils wafting in light breeze

the peppery nose-pricking breath of flowering blackcurrant its  

dangle of pink blooms all a-buzz with bees, 

Listen for new lambs calling for their ma-a-a-a-a-a. 

Sit yourself down in early spring sunshine and take it in

 -- the almost silent conversation that is Belsay in April.

This is a lovely doggy we met with her lovely owners. I had never seen this cross before -- whippet and Bedlington Terrier -- a gorgeous cross I am sure you'll agree. It was lovely to meet you, Ruby.x