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Friday, 18 July 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Lunch with Amanda

Term is just ending here today. In Scotland term ended two weeks ago but they go back to school early (around the Glorious Twelfth) since Scotland becomes autumnal in late August. Amanda's daughter came for the end of term in her old school and so Amanda came here for lunch :) It was good to catch up on news.
What does one serve on such a warm day?

Carrot Orange and coriander soup and fruit salad.

 Ingredients: 5-6 large carrots, onion, garlic, water enough for 6 bowls, stock cube. Boil and blend.
Add orange juice and coriander leaf to taste and black pepper. I like it quite orangy and peppery. It's a delicately flavoured soup and never heavy.

Already there are squashes and swedes in the grocer's and Scottish raspberries and strawberries are the best you can buy. I love this time of year, making use of such fresh ingredients, especially water melon in fruit salads -- so crisp and juicy!  
Make use of your local greengrocer.
in my case:
Browns of Pegswood

Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday at Dunstanburgh

My sister and we have been having such a hectic time. I will post more wn=hen I have time on my hands. For now...