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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Links to my work

Static Movement is a great magazine, as I've said before and this month it is carrying a little story called The Centoccules. Never heard of Centoccules? Well get over there and read about them.

Actually I like this one because it has a humourous ending but it is making a couple of serious points and I like to make people laugh and then think - hey, hang on a minute - that means that... Also to do that in so few words takes effort - don't believe me? Try it!

I hope I succeed in doing that here.

To follow this month:
The Ranfurly Review - 5 poems
Bewildering Stories - Flash Fiction
The Boston Literary Review - Flash Fiction
The Shine Journal - a poem
Micro Horror - if I can get one in... :)
and who knows what else I may come up with. Watch this surface!

You can also read stories by my friends Mark Dalligan and Avis Hickman Gibb at Static Movement this month.