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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Food for Thought for MY BIRTHDAY

Why do people moan about what age they are on their Birthday? I never understand that! Oh I'm 28, I'm 35, I'm 47...whatever...moan, moan, moan.

Today I am very happy to have completed a whacking great 59 years on this beautiful planet and next year I hope to have completed 60!

Last year on my birthday I was in York with Nathan and Jenesta and we went to the Hitchhiker's Guide Radio Show which was superb. I even got my programme signed and a birthday kiss from a member of the cast. It was lousy weather last year! Did that stop us? Bloody didn't! Though I have to admit I was tad downcast and the York Dungeons scared the be-jeysus outa me!  There's nothing like mirrors!

This year I have already had my celebrity kiss from Sir Tony Robinson so I will be spending the day quietly roaming Cragside and then have a meal with friends. The forecast is good too :)

Look at these lovely flowers at Wallington a few weeks ago. What could you want for more than that? Moaners -- Get a life! Get out and appreciate what's right under your nose. Enjoy you're life right to the last petal and fountain -- 'cos that's what it's about!

 Happy Birthday to ME 
and happy day to all of you!