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Saturday, 2 August 2008

August Links and comments

Vanishing Point was written as a flash challenge but it is creative non-fiction really and so it is categorised in The Linnet's Wings. I have a real horror of spiral staircases.

Don Webb of BwS passed on a message from a reader which I very much appreciate - especially since the person who made the comment knew Ludek. I'm thrilled! Thank you Jindra.

Date: July 28, 2008 7:22:33 PM EDT (CA)
Cc: "Wojciech Jacobson" <>
Subject: Ludek
from Jindra:
Ta báseň me úplně dostala, už si ji čtu půl hodiny. Jako bych doopravdy viděl Ludka

That poem has knocked me down, I am reading it already for half an hour. Indeed, as I would catch sight of Ludek.

Jindra Kuchejda is a Czech yachtsman who skippered the yacht "Victoria" during her circumnavigation in years 1999-2004. The Victoria was a sort of replica of Magellans vessel. Jndra knew Ludek. Last Sunday he read the poem on the site of Bewilderingstories.