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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Food for Thought for Friday

But I am posting early because today is 4th April and Space died 3 years ago today and my mother died 10 years ago tonight and so my food for thought is just to enjoy life.

4th April in Memory

Today for me is sand

blown across a windy beach.

You used to love a windy day

and birdsong

‘cleanyourfeet’ you’d hear them say


“Every crow thinks its own chick’s the whitest.”           

The wind is from north-east

were I at home

tobacco smells would carry

snowflakes in their wake

over the flourishing corn about to bloom

and you would know tell us all the signs

daffodils late

too early to plant sweet peas yet

“Let the winter do its work.”


I have missed that kind of wisdom since

Winter did its work

ten years ago today.

I know my mother would have been proud of the poems I have in Issue 7 of A New Ulster -- out today! I dedicate them to her.