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Sunday, 1 March 2009


Brand New is my first piece in Clockwise Cat

FOCUS at EDF and I have to say, this is perhaps my favourite story of mine :) Go on - take a break ;)

Not His Last Duchess if you like people watching,and Robert Browning, you'll like this:

Full Flavour at Bewildering Stories, is not just a poem - it gives you a useful address to visit in Barcelona - believe me, you've never tasted chocolate :)

3 poems in The Ranfurly Review
Touching a Legend
Spring Chant
Exploring Parts of the Impossible

Two stories in Doorknobs&Bodypaint Issue 53
No Serenade
The Sweet Smell of
my friend John Ritchie has two there as well this months :)

Post Post Mortem at Micro Horror this month reaches, I think, my upper limit on the gory story. But you never know ;)

Random Harvest?

EDF will be publishing Focus later this month - I'll post the url when it's up, and there should be several others to come so keep coming back, please.

Also don't forget to check out Every Day Poets. We have some great poems over there this month - one a day - every day - a poetic tonic you can't afford to miss.