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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Final few days in Baltimore

I hate goodbye. I just cry - can't cope at all - so much so I make myself miserable before the event! I have this Grim Reaper mentality a kind of morbidity - ever since I was a child. This was Hamilton on Columbus Day 11th Oct 2010. We had Apple Pie which is very American but I have to confess I prefer Apple Tart which is very British and I will be making that for Hallow'en as I usually do. My mother used to put sixpence in the tart, in greaseproof paper. Whoever got it, kept it.

On the 12th Oct we went to the American Visual Arts Museum Follow the link. It's a fascinating place to visit. We had a crab soup in The Rusty Scupper and watched an incredible Mock Battle played out by wonderful ships in the Inner Harbour.
That night we went for our final meal with Nathan and Jenesta at TALARA.

Of course on the 13th we had until 6pm before we had to go to the airport - time to buy some Old Bay Spices and a few last minute presents take a stroll before that 8 hour flight - home.