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Friday, 18 July 2008

Bewildering Stories

This week Ludek's Dawn is up in Bewildering Stories. It was inspired by Wojtek Jacobson's photo Sunrise beyond Belot Strait, also appearing alongside. Do go and read it.

Don Webb, the editor of BwS said: You have the right idea about poetry, but other contributors -- with the notable exception of those from Britain and Ireland -- seem to think that poetry should be either prose with line breaks or else some incomprehensible balderdash. Thank heaven for you and John Stocks and Doug Pugh.

I love the work of both these writers and I am so happy to have been compared favourably with them.

The photograph is from, My name is Ludomir/ mam na imie Ludomir by Maciej Krzeptowski and Wojciech Jacobson and is in Polish and English.

Ludomir Maczka was a geologist and master yachtsman and explorer who led an exceptional life which I have been privileged to touch, through his friends.

I'm off on holiday now... Lucky me!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

July Links

Every Day Fiction has published Division this month. It's another of my very short flashes. Virginia Diaz said: See now, that is a superb juxtaposition- the dead flowers falling from the Bible and the picture of the lost twin in the same book. Who knew you could put foreshadowing into a piece that compact? Very nice.

Thank you Virginia! Flash is like poetry. You have to choose each word and image carefully. There's no room for exploring feelings so you have to take short cuts that the reader will easily follow. This one is full of those. Bible, wreathed, cut photograph, death...even the title is a clue.

I have just been notified by Don Webb of Bewildering Stories that two of my pieces, Blast and Exposure are in the 2nd quarterly Review. This means I have made it into 3 Quarterlies in a row! I am delighted.

My friends, Avis, Sarah Hilary and Bill West are also there. Well done to all three of you.

Spike is a poem I wrote in a flash forum. Pike? I thunk...What can I possibly have to say about pike? Well, there you go!

Wild Night is based on an actual incident when our cat was a kitten. No I don't know how the rabbit got up the stairs and into the bedroom. But there you go!

July is the Time for Jelly - well this might not be the jelly you had in mind...Micro Horror Jelly...

A Tribute to her Beauty was written in the week Benazir Bhutto died. To that extent it is a flash poem - quickly written and relatively unrevised. I like to do that sometimes. It's more honest.
A friend of mine in writewords commented:
And thank you for writing that poem about Benazier Bhutto. It is very moving, and I think it was something important that needed to be said. Robin