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Friday, 28 February 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Tomorrow it's Time for WELSHCAKES

and Happy Andalucia Day today :) I always remember that because it is the day we took A Trip to Tangier
and you can read about that by following that title link.

1st March is Saint David's Day and Welsh Cakes are so easy you should try them. You've got time to make sure you have all the ingredients :)
First put a dry frying pan or griddle on the largest ring of your cooker at the lowest heat and allow it to preheat.

8oz /250g self raising flour
1tsp mixed spice
rub in 4oz butter (I am cutting that to 2 oz this year)
add 2oz fine sugar
1-2 oz sultanas
add 1 egg (and a little milk if too dry) 

Roll or pat out to quarter inch thickness and cut into rounds. 

Cook on side 1 until well risen before flipping over and cooking side 2. They should be browned and sound hollow when tapped. Cool. Sprinkle with more sugar. Enjoy!