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Friday, 5 December 2014

Thought for Friday -- It's beginning to look a lot like

Yes it has happened. Our first frosts have arrived. I looked out at 5 in the morning on Wednesday, and the world was picture postcard white. It's turned mild again now. The good old Gulf Stream and Jet Stream are keeping us cosy this year so far. 

And my plans for this weekend -- put up our tree :) I fancy some twinkliness.
Here are some memories frozen into my mind from childhood..

The swish and whoop
of boys sliding sideways
across the schoolyard.

The sharp edge of the glassy dam
where swans preen yellowish plumage
less than pristine.

On the playing field grass bristles white.
Swings dangle chains too cold to touch
even with mittened hands.
The roundabout’s in stasis.

The snap of leaves,
and crackle of fire as the Parky
burns the pyre of summer.

Broth, bed socks and lemonade
bottles filled with hot water
blankets and eider
weight the eyelids down

patterns form
inside the window panes.
A million questions greet each day.

Why don’t birds freeze to the trees?
Old fashioned glitter cards, silver tinsel,
a snowman skiing on a fruitcake.

© 2014 Oonah V Joslin