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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Angels and Demons

This is one worth seeing on the big screen! Ron Howard is a genius, of course and if you suspend your disblief about that much anti-matter meeting matter over a city, then it's probably the best explosion you'll have seen. - Very entertaining and the woman isn't there as romantic interest - for a change :)

And if you've never see The Dish - an Australian film of some years ago, I strongly suggest you celebrate the 4oth anniversary first moon landings in July, by getting hold of a copy. It's simply one of the best written scripts I know and the more you watch it, the funnier it gets.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Why I will not be seeing Star Trek

That's right! I won't pay a single penny to Paramount's coffers to see this travesty.

Did I miss something about the ideas upon which the original series was based? I thought Star Trek was about a better future...

In this film we are to be served up a Mr Spock who flies into a rage and attacks Kirk. Surely having just left Vulcan Spock would be more, not less logcal than in the first series.

Spock is supposed to have been bullied on Vulcan because of his racial mix... That is not the Vulcan of the first series or indeed any other. Vulcans had rejected emotion by the time Spock was born.

As if that was not a poor enough descriptor of racial portrayals or should I say betrayals in this Flick, we have an Uhura who is being treated as a sex object - wow isn't that original!

And Kirk is a peeping Tom, a person unfit to serve in any command capacity even in our day let alone in the 23rd century!

They are trying to persuade us that wrecking a car is Star Trek stuff?

They just don't get it, do they? Enterprise was deeply unpopular with the fan base because it became entirely given over to a temporal war involving a species whose name was too close to Muslim for (at least my) comfort. The series was American Foreign Policy badly scripted. Now we are to have Trex and the City.

No thank you Paramount.

Those of us who loved Star Trek, loved Gene Roddenbury's vision of the future. We loved the Science of Star Trek - the humour of Star Trek - the equality of Star Trek both sexual (short skirts notwithstanding) and racial and we know the history of these characters. This, like Enterprise, is a betrayal of the Star Trek universe and there are many more fans who, like me, will not buy into it.

Friday, 8 May 2009

May Links

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and I got short listed at Erbacce...very pleased about that.

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I'm a bit slow starting this month because my father-in-law died. I wrote a poem for the occasion.

His Voice

No star shone bright as his face when he sang
in the front row of Swansea’s Male voice Choir.
No voice was ever raised or ever rang
so true and honest, nor with such desire
always to speak the truth but speak it kind
for he never spoke ill of anyone.

His voice was reason and his counsel wise.
He lived his life with laughter in his eyes
no side, no hidden motives, no disguise
that was the true stature of the man
and why his voice will never lose its power
for those who gather now to say Nostar.

(Nostar is Welsh for goodnight.)