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Monday, 24 November 2008

Micro Horror Winner again

The Final Chapter by Oonah V Joslin is a superb little flash of one of millions of possible far-distant futures, and we were captivated by the lush descriptions of the bio-technological creatures crawling up from the depths. It tasted very much of classic sci-fi novels with their technological marvels rising up over the sunken, destroyed wreckage of human civilisation in a desolate, lonely and dystopian future of the kind that normal people dread to think about as a possible reality.

Sarah Clarke

Check out the story and what the prize will be - links to Sarah Clarke's art work etc here

I could not be more delighted.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

November News

4 of my Stories are to appear in the Every Day Fiction Anthology:
The Heron, Synergy, Conscious Decision and Resolution.

A Wild Night is to appear in the Print Issue of Short Story Library.

Congratulations to John Ritchie, Avis Hickman-Gibb, Sarah Hilary, Tania Hersheman, Nick Ozment and Jennifer Whalmsley, who also got in to one or the other and to the many I have no room to mention here.

Monday, 3 November 2008

November Links

First of all, don't forget to visit which is now offering a poem a day. A great variety of poems to move and entertain you. Leave our authors a comment and vote for your favourite poems.

And here are some offerings from me.

Time Travelling is a fictional memoir - a kind of pastiche of jouneys undertaken throughout England and Wales over the past 30 years, the amusing, the frustrating, the disappointing. The passage of time and change in attitudes as seen through the lens of that interfcae with reality we euphemistically call leisure. The only true way to relax, I have always found, is to stay at home.
My great friend, Jennifer Whalmsley has her Flash Death by Numbers in the same issue - so check it out. And Pamela from Shine is in there too. Very good Pam.
Dance is based on the ballet Dracula as created by Denis Malenkine for The NBT. The poster is therefore real and resides in my bedroom. This ballet will never be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to see it.
Sleight of Hand at EDF htis month is a spooky tlae with Edwardian charm which I really enjoyed writing :)
My response to the economic MESS is Going with the Flow at The Pygmy Giant
People sometimes say they don't understand those poems that don't rhyme and have no rhythm and how can they be poems? Here is an ex-planation - of sorts. You Asked Me - right, Jennifer? :)
A final Creature Feature in Micro Horror
Two stories in Static Movement with similar theme.
A funny story with a serious point in BwS.
3 poems in Shine.
And I took the Halloween slot in Pygmy Giant! ;)