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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

And so this is Christmas

May it be as Merry or as Peaceful as you wish it to be!

I have several stories and poems up this month and I will add all the links to date by the end of this week. But let me begin with what Nathan Rosen tells me is my 72nd microhorror and one of his favourites of mine.

If you ask me, Santa brought it on himself by embracing the commercial ethos of the late twentieth century and disregarding his 'elf ;) and you can read the outcome in ELF DAY live at Microhorror now.
Poems at Bewildering Stories

A Final Seal 
Department Store

If Ever - Pantoum for the Present - in Parallel Oonahverse

A little unexpectedly, this very short short in Postcardshorts Public Transport You know the scenario - it a familiar one. So glad to be in this little gem of a writing site for the first time. And Crumpled Note - a scenarion familiar I hope, to no one.

The Linnet's Wings has published a very short piece entitled I'd Love a ... and I'll bet anyone my age at least in the UK and Ireland will be able to fill in the blank :) It was the perfect solution to the the Christmas Eve problem of how to be Santa.

Look below and you'll find an intriguing clue to my BOXING DAY story at Every Day Fiction. My Measuring Stick

Apollo's Lyre has just published Nobody in the Room. and while you're there check out this story by my friend John Ritchie