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Friday, 22 November 2013

Food for Thought for Friday -- Fat Free in New York 2

This was one I hadn't planned and we came across it as we walked back from The Metropolitan Musuem of Art.  Time was of the essence because our friends had a train to catch. Bad idea!

Nino's Tuscany Steak House
117 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019, United States

It wasn't the food so much as the attitude. I need a low fat option because of a medical condition but I was with friends who didn't..... I asked for a suggestion from the menu and rather dismissively the waiter said, 'Steamed chicken' (which is NOT on the menu) -- like what are you doing here if you can't eat!?
Then after explaining at length what I required, they brought my salad smothered in OLIVE OIL. 
I said, 'Erm this salad has oil on it,' at which point I expected the salad would be immediately replaced and without question -- maybe even an apology?? 
Instead the waiter said, 'But it's good oil -- olive oil.'


You know the bit about the customer being right? Where'd that go? Another Italian place we went to later in our trip could not have been more helpful.

I ended up eating the soup and the grilled steak but no salad or vegetables and no dessert. Maybe I could have been more insistant, but there seemed to be some part of 'no' and 'fat' that didn't translate well at this restaurant and I have to say the others in my party were not that impressed either! 


I recommend LATANZZI's instead! I explained what I needed and they provided a delicious bean soup, lean grilled steak and steamed vegetables which were perfectly done! And their selection of sorbets (I chose peach) made a perfect end to the meal. My husband had the mushroom ravioli which was wonderful (I tried a wee bit!) The wine was good, the pre-theatre service efficient and polite and the ambience just right. I even had an impromtu conversation with a lovely woman from New Jersey called Jeri :) -- who'd had gall stones! She tells me this is the restaurant they always go to for pre-theatre and it's always excellent. So don't just take my word for it!

It was Noel's 60th Birthday and a good place to celebrate it!