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Friday, 27 September 2013

Thought for Friday -- He didn't have to

A couple of weeks ago we went to Leeds to see Leonard Cohen in Concert. That was our main reason for being there. The original date of this concert had to be changed because of Jewish New Year -- a little oversight by the planners. That cost us an extra night's stay but it was more difficult than than that for people who'd booked flights etc to be there, and I sympathised with them...

What to do... Leonard being Leonard offered a reimbursement so as not to "upset the family budget" as he put it, in Leeds.

I wouldn't take the money -- not from Leonard Cohen. Had it been any other other man, yes. Had it incurred more expense on our part, yes -- but somehow I just couldn't bring myself to complain about an extra night in a hotel and the price of a meal.

This afternoon the post arrived. Inside the envelope a signed programme 

To Oonah and Noel, Thanks for understanding.

I'm going to frame that.

There are things -- many many things -- in this world that are worth more than money and Leonard Cohen writing my name is one of those.

Thanks Leonard -- for being the person you are.