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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Fittest

Okay so this particular motoring tip wouldn't do your radiator much good - but it does work - I can personally vouch for that.  Sometimes a girl has to cook up a solution...

It was 1982 -ish and my first mini was overheating on the way home from school. I didn't have any groceries in the boot but I was calling into TESCO on my way home when a brilliant plan came to me - if I could make it to Tesco's car park...

Well I did :) and see what I came up with.

The Fittest

Friday, 5 November 2010

Three in a row at Microhorror

Okay so I know I'm judging the competition but it was too nice a theme to miss - SPACE :) Besides would it not have been churlish to eschew the competition just because I CAN'T WIN?  So here you have them - three in a row on the subject of SPACE

The Unknowable Unknown
Oubliette Oubliee

of which if I am allowed a favourite, it is The Unknowable Unknown.

And I'm having a great time reading all the entries! And more stories are still in the pipeline. Nathan you see had an appendectome and has got a little behind - actually quite a big behind - I was being kind :) Progress is being made - fear not!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Another chance to SHINE

Hallowe’en 2006 I thought my world had come to a painful end and that, having been treated SO BADLY by people I’d thought of as friends, I had very poor judgement, was worthless and didn’t have a friend in the world. Hallowe’en 2010 I have friends all over the world - good friends!

Life's Love Affair
For all of you GOLDEN people X