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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Every Day Fiction - A place in time and space

I found a home in Every Day Fiction. They went on line in Sept 2007 and one of my favourite flashes is in that first edition. The Higg's Boson, unlike so many of my other flashes it was not written as a challenge.

Star Trek has a lot to answer for, you know - a lot of good things! I had been reading about particle physics. as we trekkies tend to do, and the work of CERN, when I came upon this fascinating particle hidden away in the field 'not zero' (which is a mathematical field) and I was hooked. It took months of reading and thinking and quite a few parcetamols to come up with that 100 words - showing what I at last understood the Higg's Boson to be. And they are looking for it right now!

Is it a flash? Or is it a prose poem? I treated the Higg's as a character so I'd call it a flash but it is deliberately poetic. Some people said it was way over their heads. Well the physics was way over mine too but I think we have to strive to understand these things. I think the effort yields its own rewards - always. My reward is to have written a piece I am proud of.

The Higgs Boson I hope you'll read it, like it, leave a comment.

Every Day Fiction has now accepted 12 flashes from me. They only print one story a day so that's one a month for a whole year. Jordan and Camille have been most encouraging. They give great feed-back and in their first year EDF came 9th in Preditors and Editors!

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