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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Recipe for Peace

Last weekend I had a the great honour to meet poet, Colin Will and be shown round Dunbar in Scotland. Why oh why had I never been there before? Well I tend to go to people not places and before I knew Colin I knew noone in Dunbar. 
Colin and I shared some poetry on that occasion sitting in a WWI exhibition and later discussed how these connections between people are so important in mutual understanding and how children should be taught the lessons of peace. Thanks Colin.

That Day in Dunbar

On the anniversary
of the beginning of
the first  world war
I shared poetry
in Dunbar
with a man of peace
on a peaceful shore
and thought how lucky
placed in time we are.

Still we export arms to kill
with futuristic efficiency
undiscriminating far
and wide the lens
lies hidden and politicians
spin their truth only
death wins the day
and money drowns
children’s cries.

By Oonah Joslin 2014