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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Not the Ides, the 8th, but nonetheless

The 8th March and therefore one year since the NHS once again saved my life! SUPPORT IT! If you don't there may be a time when you can't afford some vital operation without selling your house. Rich people ALWAYS exploit those less well off. They are on the take! Unless you don't need to earn a living you too are one of the 99%  
Don't fool yourself!
so thanks NHS and all the staff at the Wansbeck and my GP 
for giving me another spring
and this poem

And this walk: Spring seems to have sprung. In fact mid-week we spent a day at Wallington House and Gardens and it was so warm sitting in our usual little arbour in the walled garden that we sat for longer than usual and then we wandered through the woodlands too -- double our accustomed walk. 

And here are some delightful photographs for you of the wonders of Wallington. 

and my Aspen which is so beautiful it doesn't mind posing nude:)