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Saturday, 3 May 2008

EDF and Bewlidering Stories 2nd & 3rd May 08

The Heron is on EDF today. This was a flash challenge piece for August '07. Jordan and Camille said "This author has really found her voice." - lovely compliment. Reading it again now that was probably true to some extent. A lot of my work does sound like this piece but I seem to be fairly eclectic and sometimes I even surprise myself. I like this one.

I was delighted to find that other people did too and I have put one of the very special comments I received below.

But I love the next one! Exposure started off with the title Stealer of Souls and Xselian, the name means exhalation, is a nasty piece of work although I do not think of him as Satan...just as one of Satan's co-workers. Anyone in fact, be they boss, politician...who follows that Game Theory ethos where people are expendable and everything is quantifiable.

Have you ever been called a 'sticking plaster'? I have. By a boss. I told 'em where to stick it.

This one is for all you human beings out there. The people who aren't for sale.
Comment from EDF: When I read words that make poetic imagery become music, I know there is a God. Thank you, Ms. Joslin, for a moment of transcendence. Lynn Hesse