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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sweet Sweet -- the toothache you gave to me

Please don't try this at home and if you do, don't blame me :)

Memories are made of SUGAR

Liquorice catherine wheels covered in blue.

Pink candyfloss that stuck like glue.

Toffee poppets, peanut treats,

treacle toffee and barley sugar sweets,

mint imperials, spearmint lumps,

pink and white marshmallows, flumps,

scented satins and cherry lips,

flying saucers, sherbet dips,

fried egg jellies, midget gems,

brandy balls and pink bubble gums,

tooty-fruities, rolos, polo,

chocolate-coconut-sweet tobacco,

jelly babies, dolly mixtures,

flying saucers in pastel colours,

fingers of fudge, raspberry ruffles,

lucky bags and champagne truffles,

fruit gums, wine gums, space dust poppers,

mojos, penny chews and gob-stoppers,

parma violets, rhubarb and custard,

sour apples, gingers hot as mustard,

toffee bonbons icing-dusted,

chocolate macaroons coconut-crusted.

The corner shop was jewelled with jars

that we could contemplate for hours;

jars marked 6d, 9d, 1/- ( a bob) a quarter;

contents guaranteed to make your mouth water.

We munched insects, alien worlds, sugar crystals that shone like stars

a universe of chocolate;Galaxy, Milky Way and Mars.

Woolworth’s Pick-n-Mix a week of heaven to the tongue.

Ah! do you remember the days when we were young? 


  Some Retro Sweets anyone?