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Friday, 7 November 2014

Things to Remember in November

Hallowe'en and Guy Fawkes are over and Winter lies ahead. This week we remember.

For this remembrance weekend MAYBE THE BRAVE

Just Doing Her Job is my latest Microhorror tale. This one was written for my sister Esme who worked as a midwife in the Cottage Hospital at Ballymena and she once told me how on night duty she'd been on her way to the nursery to attend to a crying baby and on the stairs she came upon a very cold area. She found herself slowed in her progress 'like trying to wade through treacle', as she described it, and only when she said she was trying to get to the baby, did the cloud dispel. She was afraid to go back down on her own so waited for someone to come up before doing so. 

Now I for one believe her having had a similar experience in broad daylight in Little Dean Hall in the Forest of Dean, which is supposed to be haunted but nobody had mentioned that particular room!

I think my story is less terrifying that the real incident but I thought I would lay that ghost to rest as it has haunted me for years. We used to pass this building every morning on our way to primary school and I always thought it looked spooky. I wonder if anyone has ever seen the ghost?

Chasing Ghosts is What we Do and Little Human Voices are my other two microhorrors this season. 

I have some work coming up at PostcardPoems&Prose and also at Bewildering Stories and we are currently taking submissions at The Linnet's Wings and do go and browse our latest issue to see the kind of thing we like.

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