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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy Andalusia Day and then Happy Saint David's Day & Faggots Recipe

There's a bar in Benalmedina where they celebrate St David's Day with faggots and peas! We know this because we were there and you couldn't move for dragons. Now I like faggots as well as the next person but in Spain? There are better things to eat. Not that faggots are a million miles from those little tapas porkballs you sometimes get in tomato sauce mmmmmm! And whilst I have always bought frozen before, Noel told me last time that the quality had deteriorated so much that I wasn't to buy them any more -- typical recession story! So -- recipe to follow here. 

Although we were there for both days we celebrated neither because we went on a never to be forgotten Trip to Tangier on Feb 28th the one time we were in Andalusia and we have always celebrated St David's Day so that wouldn't have been anything new! 

We saw a total eclipse of the Moon in Benalmedina when we were there. Apparently on the 20th March we will see a partial but pretty good eclipse of the Sun from right here in NE Britain. I love eclipses -- they're spooky :)

So here's a story for Andalusia Day --  Trip to Tangier

And an easy recipe for Faggots for St David's Day

makes 8 or 9 and they freeze and reheat in the microwave from frozen!

1lb minced pork

2 lobes pig’s liver

1 kidney optional -- remember to remove the pipes!

2 slices bread (about 4oz)

1 onion

4 leaves sage or a tsp dried

1 tsp thyme or mixed herbs

1 tsp grated nutmeg

Salt & white pepper

Using the food processor blade, Zizz all the liver, kidney, onion etc until it looks all gloopy and horrible like reconstituted meat (only you'll know it's all good stuff not like when you buy ready made!). Stir this mixture into the pork. Form 9 balls. Roll in flour, semolina or polenta (cornmeal). Place in well buttered oven proof tray or glass dish. Covered with foil and bake at 190 or170 for a fan oven for an hour.

Serve with onion gravy mash & peas

1-2 oz butter
1 large yellow onion, ZiiiZZZed :) 
half tbsp. flour
1- 2 cups beef stock
SPLASH wine & sherry
½ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

The secret is to let the onions caramelise a bit! And don't forget the Welshcakes!

  Wherever you may be, Wales, Andalusia or Morrocco, may the end of February and the beginning of March bring a spring to your step!

Monday, 9 February 2015

AVerse to Valentines -- I love you all!

No, I don't, really ;) It's always annoyed me, Valentine's Day. Ever since I was a teenager -- a rather fat and serious teenager. That's me in the front row -- the little dumpy one,aged 17,
and I never sprouted. Boys didn't look my way. Mind you, I seldom looked theirs.I was too busy studying. Not the brainiest kid in the bunch but I worked very hard and Mr.Greenwood said I was the only true contralto in the choir. Mr. Greenwood didn't go in for flattery so you may believe it. We were singing Benjamin Britten's Ceremony of Carols arranged for female voices -- hence the silly get-up.

So here it is. One I did earlier – much earlier – about 1969...

AVerse to Valentines
by Oonah V Kyle

The carnations and the ribbons
and the roses all form part
of a magic that proposes
to mend every broken heart.
As the cupids with their arrows
wait there poised to intertwine
two young hearts the lover beckons
‘Come and be my valentine.'
So they float on clouds of passion
while the lonely passers-by
watch all the little cupids,
stamped and packaged rise and fly
where the insecure horizon
meets a non-existent sky.

(published in The Braid Magazine – Ballymena Academy)

Not a bad sonnet for a fifteen year old