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Saturday, 25 July 2009

August Links and general update

True colours is up at EDF
and an interview at where I am trying to promote EDP :)

Short Humour has a naughty piece called I wanna be loved by you That should bring a smile to your cheeks :)

At Micro Horror this month there is s story I really like The Visitors. This took a long time to get right but I think I nailed it!

I have a little story at Static Movement called Rosebay Willowherb.
Rosebay Willowherb start to grow in July and develops pinkish cruciform flowers - but uneven. It likes to travel along railway lines and verges and in September it grows a beard of seeds that are curly and fine. I always associated it with the return to school. It's a weed. People don't like weeds. But isn't a weed just a plant in the wrong place? And don't they deserve their chance too?

and I'll be up ay EDF later this month too so watch out for True Colours. I'll put the link up when it's live.

Boading is now up at

I was computerless for 6 weeks and it's been really difficult to edit a magazine or get any writing done. Luckily, our local Community Project had free computer access and I was able to get there twice a week but if any of you have been thinking I was a bit hands-off recently, that is the reason.

We also needed a new washing machine - it never rains but it pours... And I turned 55 - a milestone only because I took early retirement.

I want to thank Constance Brewer for doing a lot of what I normally do at EDP - she's a star!

So there may not be many links for August. I have a lot of catching up to do.

I plan to send some voice files to Bewildering Stories this month though, reading my poems. So if anyone is desperate to hear my dulcet ramblings, watch this space - or BwS. In fact watch BwS anyway - always worth reading!

August the 5th is our 29th Wedding Anniversary. That is something of an achievement in this day and age. I wouldn't trade him for - Antonio Banderas! He wouldn't trade me for Scarlett Johansen - yeah, just joking!

I'll add links if and whenever...
Have a nice August.