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Friday, 15 August 2014

Thought for Friday -- Be Human

THOUGHT FOR ROBIN: (please do read this link)

Several stars have died recently, people whose work I enjoyed, who in some way enriched my life or entertained me. Some burned out, some imploded:

Phillip Seymour Hoffman -- he stole every scene he was in.
Harold Ramis -- Writer, Actor, Producer and it's hard to imagine not seeing another Ramis film again.
Maya Angelou -- such wisdom and depth and word-craft. Inspiring.
James Garner -- Maverick to President Matt Douglas -- I think I loved him my whole life.
Robin Williams -- at his most serious when he was being at his most funny -- humour is a serious business -- like poetry is a funny old occupation.
Lauren Bacall -- her beauty never faded -- it came from inside! She was elegance to the last bubble..

to name but a few... But people we admire afar are never what they seem. We live in an age where the cult of celebrity is writ large by easy access. But easy access is a little like fast food. You can eat it but it willl not necessarily sustain you and it is definitely not good for you. People are meant to be savoured. Friendships are meant to be nurtured. This is why I go to places when I can, to meet people who have in some way become significant to me on the internet. I have made true friends that way. To make real friends you have to take a risk. Look their flaws right in the eye and let them look right back at yours. 

Be human. Forget your Facebook persona and your Twitter feed and who looks at your blog and who doesn't and masturbating your ego. Forget yourself! Being human is about communication and passion and understanding -- real contact.

People should take effort. There is meant to be depth. How can you really admire someone you don't even know? We are all human (except for that one person in Life of Brian) ;) of course.
Remember that when when you worry about life's petty annoyances -- they get to us all but this time -- go and meet up with a friend!

But also remember that while all this seems to touch a lot of people, there are adults and children dying of war, starvation, avoidable diseases, abuse, neglect and yes -- suicide because they can't find a way to go on. There are HUMAN issues to be addressed -- and we need to keep that celeb cult well in perspective.

As for stars -- they don't care!

Stars are huge and far away

Balls of gas glow to infinity

No penalty for shining bright

No medal for movement

No stasis really possible

But death.

Perpetual as grief they burn

Scorn our lofty goals

Fry our puny nets

On our rotisserie


Oonah V Joslin 2014