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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Magic in May -- Disappearances can be deceptive

 Now you see her
Now you don't

 So, time always seems to fly when Esme comes for her annual holiday!  And we always seem to do so much in the short time she's here I end up quite exhausted -- even though it has to be said that year on year we do less and less but that is inevitable! This year Alnwick Gardens was kind to us -- no thunder storms. And the cherry orchard, although the blossom was past, had the addition of some nice swing seats. I was the only member of our party to indulge (big bairn) but they are great fun.
Now you see me --

Now you don't       The fountains as always played photographic-hard-to-get Now you see them and of course then you don't But you still get the picture and you get to play hide and seek amongst the fountains just like a small child or a figurine on a giant's wedding cake and sometimes the disappearances are so strange they're a bit worrying! But we all managed to keep our heads and left in one piece. Thanks to the magic of Alnwick and    where'd that there wizard go?? Ah! There he is -- under the oldest tree in the gardens
                                        They've been friends for years!