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Friday, 9 May 2014

Food for Thought -- Ring the Changes -- Step by step easy adaptable recipe

If there's one thing I have to be this year it is adaptable to change. So in keeping with the year, when I invited my friend Amanda to lunch today I made an adaptable recipe. And it being a pleasant day, I thought we'd eat outside -- for a change. The real change is that this was our final lunch for some time as Amanda is moving away from the area within a fortnight YO! and I have to admit I will find it difficult to adapt to her absence. But she has her own adaptations to make so Good Luck Amanda with the move and in everything you do

At this point she was on the fruit cake

So if you need a recipe for a lunch, supper or snack that you can adapt endlessly to what you have available, here it is. And it's a fun recipe for children to do too!

The basic recipe requires:
1 pk frozen puff pastry (I always have this in the freezer and it takes but 1hr to thaw.)
Some left over potato. (or you can make up some instant Mr. Mash or your favourite store cupboard brand)
Some cheese (any cheese)
and almost anything else you want to add -- today I chose chopped onions and red pepper.The only limit is your imagination.

From there on you can improvise:
Simply follow the picture process.

Roll out the pastry, layer on the potato, other ingredients and grated cheese, roll up and wet the edge to seal. Work the roll a bit to make sure it holds together. Cut it into sections about an inch thick, Pat these into rounds with your palms. Place on a floured baking sheet and cook at 200 (hot oven) for 20 - 25 mins. Makes about 12. Eat hot or cold with salad. Each is a little Oonahverse of flavour in its own right 

Now why not make up your own SWEET SWIRLS :)

Universe -- NUFF CHANGES -- could you give me a break?