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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Food for Thought for Friday -- Spring in your step

SPRING FLIRTATION Irises? Not quite daffodils yet. That are reluctant to unfurl because of this nithering easterly wind from Scandinavia and I am a bit shy of shedding a coat too. It feels more like February than April.

Salads are off the menu! Slow Cooked Ham is on. Try serving with a nice stir fry of broccoli, peppers, onion rings, mushrooms, celery, sweetcorn, and sliced carrot and the all important triumvirate -- garlic/chili/ginger. And some home made egg-fried rice 
sesame oil in pan --HOT
add egg
cold left over rice

stir quickly and serve.

It's been a good week though, I sent some poetry off and posted a couple of stories to Ether Press for this year's Twisted Tales :) I have ordered Issue 7 of A New Ulster in which I have seven poems (Please BUY  ahard copy if you can) and if you missed it Meteor Strike in BwS. I have another coming up there soon.

And I enjoyed Victoria Wood on TEA
It told me a lot I didn't know about our national beverage and Ms Wood is always entertaining, easy company. 

In Aveyron, 1976 in France I suffered a migraine -- immediately recognised by Aurelie Bardy as withdrawl symptoms it was cured by several cups of une tisane Vervaine -- Verbena tea. In Paris you have to go to WHSmith's tea rooms by Les Galleries Lafayette to get a proper cup! Jennifer Stakes Roberts and Noel and I were desperate for a cuppa in Washington DC and thought the Indian woman at the station might hold the secret. We got CHAR -- tea boiled up in sweetened condensed milk UGH! When I went to US last time I took my own teabags with me. We are indeed a nation addicted to this most benevolent drug but it is not entirely without side-effects as you see and it is also diuretic so gentlemen of a certain age... DECAF! Cheers Rosie-Lee!