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Friday, 23 May 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Best BLT I ever had.

Craster is famous for its kippers. They are simply the best kippers in the world. But the other day after our walk, (and Dunstanburgh and back certainly does stretch your legs,) we were tempted by the irresistible smell of bacon from the Piper's Pitch just outside the Tourist Information Centre. He does a wide range of sandwiches including Kipper in a bun and the Auchtermuchty and the best cup of tea!!! Anyway it turned out to be the best BLT I have ever had!!! Noel had the ayreshire sausage sandwich -- equally good. I haven't tried an Auchtermuchty yet but I promise you I will and I'll tell you all about it. Pity this is such a great little find really because now instead of a healthy walk, I'm going to have to try all the sandwiches ;) as well. Someone has to be your guide!!!

Dunstanburgh Castle is ruinous but huge and it has a way of keeping its dictance 'til you're right up at the gatehouse before revealing its true enormity; so we tend to call it d-d-d-Dunstanburgh because the walk has three stages.

When we went there this week there were cattle and sheep grazing along the coastal path and seabirds mostly kittiwakes nesting on the cliffs at the far side fo the castle. You can walk all the way to Low Newton by the Sea if you want a 6-7 miler. We did it years ago but these days I prefer something more leisurely...
Yes that's Low Newton in the distance! and looking the other way you just see Craster
but it doesn't matter where you look on this walk, you're sure of great scenery.  
Which is star of the show? Castle or Coast? Cattle or sheep? or would it be this little fella?
May even be an Auchtermuchty... What IS an Auchtermuchty anyway? Watch this space :)