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Friday, 15 March 2013

Food for Thought for Friday

Tis the Ides of March and coming out of hibernation, I am at last going to an event -- at the Chillingham Arms in Newcastle. In fact I even wrote a poem for it. Aidan Clark suggested the theme which got me thinking about how different the end of many's a story would be without that latin temperment.

It’s a fact seldom acknowledged that the farther north you went in the Roman Empire, the more civilised it became – HOWEVER

Aidan has personally offered to display my remains the length of the Great North Road if I go over time so I'd better away and practise! 

Do come if you can. There's a great line-up!
The Chillingham Arms, Buses 62 and 63
Chillingham Rd Chillingham Road Metro
NE6 5XL Free parking

It is also Saint Paddy's of course 
and I am pleased to have a story about the little folk taken for The Linnet's Wings and 3 poems taken by A New Ulster.

 One more word --BUSHMILLS 

Recipe: Pour it. Drink it :)