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Monday, 2 June 2008

Flaming June?

Flaming typical! Rain, rain, rain... Great Uriah Heap song that!

It was nice of Irene and Nik to pop in and say hello. Much appreciated you two, thanks X

So, The Shine Journal has posted the winners of its Poetry Contest here:
and an interview with the judges here:

One of the Questions asked me was about: The first thing I wrote.
I was in year seven and we were asked to write a poem or a story about autumn. I wrote a poem called “The Scarecrow” (embarrassingly simplistic) and did a drawing. Mr. Linton put it on the wall. I was so proud. You can see it below - unembellished - just remember I was 11!

As a judge, I was delighted to be able to put a name to the people who wrote those poems. I am prepared to reveal that I was even more delighted when I found the winner was male.

Mark Wacome Stevick, you are one hell of a poet and my hat is off to you, Sir. I wish I had written 'After Shunning'.

That said, the others were worthy winners too and I was also especially fond of the runner up, 'Red Hot Magma Falling Up'. I will put a link to that one as well and I look forward to seeing who wrote it. I have a few notes on that one that I will put up too. It was not an easy poem, but worth proper examination and very exciting.

The Scarecrow

Silently he stands and watches
o're the corn 'til it is ripe.
Every day he stands there
with his turnip head and corn cob pipe,

his shabby trousers torn and patched,
and then the patches torn and patched,
and not even a bit of them matched.

A masterpiece, eh? Thanks Mr. Linton :)

I'll be back with links to that and my own work online later in the week, hopefully. ttfn