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Thursday, 25 December 2008

October oversight

October 2008 Links

It would appear that I was so busy trying to win the Micro Horror prize that I omitted to put my October links onto the site! I did win! So not time wasted but EDP launched November too so I was fairly distracted what with one thing and another. Anyway, here they are and I hope you will enjoy a retrospective read :)
A Horror of Horrors (short story)
You Must Remember This - a worm's eye view of life and love.
The Book for my nephew, Robert McCosh.
Untitled Poem
A Brief Encounter
The Magic Hour

My Micro Horror Marathon
Having won the Micro Horror Trophy last year, I decided to set myself the challenge of entering 6 stories for the competition this year ranging in length thus: 666, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111 words. I did it! Quite a marathon! Links to follow but some are up already - go and see them.

End Game was my non competition piece for October.

Sole Survivor
Sleep Tight
Oh, for a friendly face
Name of the Beast
Duplicitous Creatures
And watch that space – who knows…
and if you would like to read an interview with Micro Horror’s Editor, Nathan Rosen go to: