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Monday, 20 April 2015

Beautiful Belsay in Spring.

I wish you could smell these
Gunneras will stalk again

Magnificent Magnolias
Lambs of course

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


My 100th MicroHorror is called Levitating Lady.

I would never have dreamt of writing any horror at all had it not been for Writewords duo Bill West and John Ritchie encouraging me to have a go. That was back in 2007. I won three Hallowe'en Competitions in a row and then was a judge for three in a row and here I am eight years later at 100 Horrors in MicroHorror and several elsewhere thanks to John and Bill and editor Nathan Rosen. I am sorry John isn't here to read it and leave me one of his comical comments.

Saints Alive was written just this week in response to the Flash Fiction challenge at Writewords where we are commemorating the brilliantly wicked sence of humour of our late friend, fellow fictionner and mentor John Ritchie aka Prospero who was the landlord of our fictitious local, The Parched Quill. He'd laugh at this one!

We all miss you John.
and I am also up today at PostcardPoemsandProse with Old Fashioned Broth. There seems to be a theme of saints and grannies going on here! It's coincidental...


Today is also the inaugural issue of Gyroscope Review and I am delighted that Kathleen and Constance decided to make me part of that by accepting HEART OF BRIGHTNESS that has nothing to do with grannies or saints -- bucking trend here :) Congratulaions on your new venture -- it's a great first issue and I see lots of friends there too. Every success.  

All in all a day worth celebrating.