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Friday, 1 January 2010


All links to my work are now being place to the right hand side of the posts so that they are more easily accessed. I hope this will be more convenient to my readers. Please let me know.

The old year went out with a bang - literally. About 10pm an almighty clap of thunder and a simultaneous flash of purple lightening followed by all the lights going out, persuaded us to switch off our computer and TV for a while. Very strangely weird! Of course the next POP was a champagne cork :) And 2010 looks pretty so far, doesn't it!

My wish for this year - for every year is that mankind see the writing on the wall and stop fighting and start co-operating or there will be no future for the children they all claim to love so much!

Starting well with 3 poems and a flash chosen by the editors of BwS for the Annual Review :)
Sasquatch at Static Movement