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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

October Links

Having won the Micro Horror Trophy last year, I decided to set myself the challenge of entering 6 stories for the competition this year ranging in length thus: 666, 555, 444, 333, 222, 111 words. I did it! Quite a marathon! Links to follow but some are up already - go and see them.
The Titles are:
End Game (not for the contest but very halloween)
Sole Survivor
Sleep Tight
(My personal favourite)
Oh for a friendly Face
Duplicitous Creatures
Name of the Beast
GENESTARE (anagram title)
Titration of the Spirit ( a drabble of metaphisical proportions)

You might like to know more about Micro Horror's editor, Nathan Rosen, who is not horrible at all but somewhat human...sorry Black Dog Nate - it had to be said :) Here's the link to an interview with him:

A Horror of Horrors is one of my longer stories and it is now up at Demon Minds my first time in that publication.

You Must Remember This is at Every Day Fiction this month and it's one of my favourites. It made me laugh writing it and it makes me laugh reading it. Unapologetically very silly indeed :)

The Book is at
My nephew Robert will perhaps recognise that this story is for him.

The Poem in Shine is untitled but you'll not need a title for this one.

Halloween is a tongue in cheek ghost story.
Look out for Avis, Fionnula, Mark Dalligan and Sarah Ann Watts too - Well done, Writewords buddies.

A Brief Encounter is up for your entertainment. I hope it amuses you.

End Game see if you can guess what John is up to.

Here's one I forgot to post: The Magic Hour