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Friday, 14 February 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Happy Valentine's Day

...and on the menu

Lean Rib eye steak, green bean, tomato, potato salad, french bread -- raspberry meringue nests with valilla creme fraiche.

Why mess with perfection?

Oh and we got a Valentine at EDP

Dear Editors, 
Thank you for accepting ".........." I am thrilled to be in your publication. I read it daily and enjoy being part of the community.  At the risk of going long (I hear the music playing to get me off the stage), l want to say that within all your responses I have received since submitting poems to you there is a strong intention to make the work and the poet better. You do it with honesty, passion and clarity: darn remarkable. Thank you for your inspiration and fine craftsmanship. 

I am indebted to you, 

AW SHUCKS! Thank you x