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Friday, 25 September 2009

Micro Horror needs help

Nathan Rosen is one of the most encouraging editors in the e-zine world. I'm not just saying that because of this wonderful trophy - he really is a very caring man and he's in financial straits. This could mean the closure of the mag. but more than that for himself and his wife.
The problem has been medical bills apparently. It is unconscionable that in a so-called civilised country, a man should face ruin because of illness in the family. That is a real horror story!
In this country we should value our National Health Service above all other things.
The banks' dodgy dealings have not only stolen our pensions and our savings. They even threaten livelihoods and lives.
What price the wealth of the few?
The health of the many.
Not good enough damn it!
I appeal on Nathan's behalf. Go to and donate a few dollars if you can.