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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Poem


Chink of glasses
Toasts and speeches
Roasts and peaches
Cream and scones and jam, jam, jam
Smear the mustard on the ham
Let the lettuce wilt and wither
Throw poor crusts beneath the table
Eat as much as you are able
Watch the ice-cream slide and slither
Watch the jelly wibble-wobble
Stick a sausage on the Bar-be
Sing your anthems hale and hearty
Come along and join the party
Lamprey pie and puddings bake
Choose a queen to put a crown on.
It’s all money. Ask a Banker.
Down the tubes? You f*n wanker.
What’s she say? Let them eat cake.

© 2012 Oonah V Joslin