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Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday's food for thought -- TANDOORI MEALS & HUNGER STRIKES

Okay so I had a bus ticket that lasts all day and so, determined to make the most of it, we went to the Tandoor Mahal and nothing but Lamb Handi would do! And it did :)

BUT as we were passing the Sanderson's Arcade we noticed that the great big daffodils hanging from the ceiling were being replaced tonight by banners in purple white and green. My husband asked why. Suffragete colours! I explained.

100 years ago, (London born Oxford educated) Emily Davison walked these streets and considered this town of Morpeth her home. It was here she recovered from her injuries and hunger strikes and from here she left on her last campaign agsainst injustice. She is buried here. And today when I put my X on that ballot paper in the local elections it was for no candidate, but for Emily I did it -- as should every woman with rights who now draws breath. Emily bought our freedoms with her death.

The flower beds of Carlisle park wear her colours proudly this year. It is a privilege to be here now -- at this moment in history and to honour her memory.