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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Food for Thought for Friday -- Generosity of spirit

and it's not always about the food. Sometimes it's about the company! My sister stayed for two weeks and it was a treat to introduce her to some of my friends like Amanda Baker here.
Ray made cup cakes with strawberries and flowers on and Ray is very good at cup cakes :)
We shared two meals with my friend Dorothy on Holy Island on our stay there. Holy Island for me is Dorothy's hospitality, generosity of spirit and intelligence -- It's always a treat to spend time with Dorothy.
We shared a meal with cousin Claire, her husband Andrew and his brother Tony in Newcastle. It was a treat to meet Tony too. There's nothing like extended family ties to make you feel you belong.

We happened across Prof. Prior and Tony Robinson on the Island too Time Teaming :) Mr Robinson has always struck me on TV as a generous human being and when I said (truthfully) that I watched anything presented by him on TV, I got a kiss on the cheek! Thank you Sir Tony! (Look out for that Time Team Special from Northumberland). I am glad that programme is continuing in some form. I can't get enough archaeology -- and I do miss my time treats!

There was a visual treat in store at Woodhorn Museum too in the form of unexpected access to the Oliver Kilbourn Collection which my sister loves -- well -- we both do! 
At Belsay costumes from Jane Austin films. The wedding dress Kate Winslet wore in Sense and Sensibility -- Imogen Stubbs' aubergine coloured hat and Billie Piper's riding habit -- such detail for often seconds on screen. That takes dedication and a lot of selflessness on the part of the costume makers. When you watch your next film -- stay for the titles and looks at the names. A film is a team effort.
While you're at it look at the Staff page at Every Day Poets too. My team give their time generously commenting on poems and working behind the scenes to bring you a poem a day. Thank you Team!

Esme also ejoyed Thimbleberry Jam sponge and Maple Syrup Pudding while she was here -- treats from the Upper Penninsula. Craster Kippers. Handi Lamb. Retro sweets. Oonah's marinated spiced lamb. But I wouldn't for the world tempt you with the menus and recipes. Suffice to say that's enough treats for a while :)

Then there was the abunbance of flowers almost everywhere we went. Nature is generous with her gifts too.
These in the greenhouse at Wallington
But the best treat of all was to spend time with my bestest sister! 

The Solstice is upon us and so I'll be picking some herbs for drying. If you have some raspberries or strawberries in the freezer, why not use them as ice cubes in your favourite drink? And however you spend the day, enjoy it with friends and the right spirit and you won't go wrong.