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Friday, 12 December 2014

Thought for Friday -- Five Armies and lot more

A lot more of the same that is... I wasn't expecting a great deal from the last of the Hobbit films; just over-egging. I got what I expected and a couple of laughs but the best scenes were not the big action stuff and this is where all of these films fell down. All I ever wanted was that STORY and instead in my opinion Jackson lost the plot in prolonged battle scenes, cold elf eyes and protracted plots. And this one disappointed me in another way too -- there was no tune I could 'hum as I left the cinema' as Tom Lehrer put it in Oedipus Rex. So that as they say is that and I for one am quite glad it's over. If I saw one more Legi moment or another cave troll or 'mercenary goblin' whatever that is... I would get serious latex costume cramp.

By all means go and see it but don't say I didn't tell you so -- and there are two lines worth the laugh :) and a couple of nicely acted scenes amongst the CG HooHaa.

Baah! Humbug!