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Thursday, 2 April 2009

April Rations

The title says it all about this blog spot entry for EDF

Spring Uplift is at BwS this week and a response to the questions Don posed about Not His Last Duchess - just to show I occasionally think about what I write. ;)

The Pygmy Giant has just published an etheree inspired by my niece, Seren. It's called
Hide 'n- The Wonderful World of Woolworth
will also be appearing there soon. Watch this space, as they say...

I say rations because I have not been submitting much and so this month's offerings are small but we begin with Micro Horror and my flash Patterns for Life
I hated that wallpaper with the roses on... I hate wallpaper in general. My walls are plain. In any pattern there are always faces...

And in Static Movement, Closet Key. Sometimes a single event sparks the crisis and there's no going back...
This was one I revised and revised!

In case you missed it, this came at the vwery end of March: Brand New is my first piece in Clockwise Cat There will be another at a future date.

and Not His Last Duchesss made it into the BwS Quarterly Review - my 6th in a row! I assure you that is no mean feat. The editors there runa tight ship and I am so honoured to have been chosen so many times.