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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Food for Thought for Friday on Thursday -- On DISUNITY

I don’t usually get political but on this occasion I must have my say and then I will shut up.

I am appalled. I am appalled that the Prime Minister of this so called United Kingdom should leave it so long before going to Scotland to engage in the debate and then NOT engage in the debate but join the emotional fest.

It is not about emotion Mr. Cameron and none of us cares how personally upset you would be. It is about fairness. It is about respect. And believe me, the peoples of the North of England and people in Wales understand completely why some Scots want out. The north/south divide has been too stark and contrasting for -- well for as long as London has ruled.

In Westminster they sit and they site patriotism for Britain when young men are required to die. They take taxes and spend them on improving London’s economic power base and infrastructure. They exploit workers, the disabled and the elderly poor whose only crime is that they have two bedrooms. They threaten a health service most of them don't need to use. They use open cast mining and plan fracking because this is not their back yard. They have never been here. They take, take, take.

But Scotland -- it’s not about Nationalism either. Nationalism is a dangerous and fickle friend. It created a three hundred year old bloodbath in Ireland. The spectre still stalks. It may not be over yet.

No -- nationalism is not a solution to the problems of working class people. (Mr. Milliband can you show us some sign that you understand that?) If anything we should be joining together to make all parts of these isles a fairer place to live: if possible to make all parts of the world equitable and to make governments more accountable for the lives and welfare of their people.We should be joining together to heal divides and to save the planet and to secure a future for humanity.
Scotland -- Do you really only care about yourselves?

If anything you are in danger of creating just another carriage on the gravy train, another echelon of elite people at the top.