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Friday, 21 February 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Parsley Buns

One of the greatest treats in our house when I was little was mammy's Parsley Buns. These were mashed potatoes (a mound of it) lots of curly parsley cut in and a tin of tuna. These are not fish cakes. There's more parsley and potato than anything else (salt and pepper). They were made into big, thick palm sized buns, coated in flour and fried (til almost burnt) on the bottom and top. You can honestly eat a lot of this!

These days I can't eat Parsley Buns because they are fried bit I use the idea to fill baked potatoes and reheat them in the microwave and so I don't miss out on this childhood favourite which has become a firm favourite of my husband's too. It's healthy and tasty and like all good Irish recipes a way of making a little go a long way! Try it.