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Monday, 18 August 2008

August Links

Here they all are.

Faith Charity and Hope - Humour

Best Laid Plans – Horror (is also at Micro Horror)

The Shark’s Tooth – spoof sci-fi

Vanishing Point – Creative non-fiction at The Linnet’s Wings

Confession – Humour at EDF

What Boundaries - This one I deliberately smudged into a prose poem. It started as a flash but there was no plot… so like The Rain (which will be up at Ink Sweat and Tears soon) I took it that step in style further.

Also my story Trap has been selected for the Short Humour Anthology, A Man of a Few More Words. So if you didn’t read it online – buy the Issue at when it comes out.


  1. Just read faith hope and charity ?but couldn't leave a comment because there's no link there. But it's very cool. I liked the characters even though it was such a short piece. I could SEE it and the inevitable after story too.

    Good work, as always.

  2. Gay has some really good stuff out there herself. Start with Every Day Fiction.

    Thanks Gay