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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Leonard Cohen at last

I've been a fan for nearly 40 years and at last got to see Leonard Cohen at the MEN Arena in Manchester on Sunday evening. The standing ovations that we gave him were nothing. He gave himself totally to every moment of performance and every nuance of every song and he gave generous mention to every one of his team of musicians, technicians and roadies. Did I say performance? I don't think it was a performance as such - it was Leonard Cohen as honest and human as he has always been which is why he has drawn so many to him, young and old over these many years.

Hello to Sharon and Yiar (hope I spelt that correctly) who'd come all the way from Israel and with whom we shared a taxi and now our memories too.


  1. What a treat, Oonah!

    I had a similar experience a few years ago in Pittsburgh, at a Rock & Roll legends concert.

    A stage hand helped a little old man onto the stage and then the old man sat down before a grand piano and turned into Jerry Lee Lewis.

    What a performance! He poured his soul into a microphone and that piano for thirty minutes. And at the end, as we jumped and cheered, he stood, bowed and turned back into that little old man.

  2. Except Leonard Cohen skipped onto the stage like a two year old and he's just as sexy as ever he was!