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Friday, 28 June 2013

Food for Thought for Friday --

I put all my links for June together in PARALLEL OONAHVERSE this week so please go and click on them and get your FREE DOWNLOAD of two stories of mine in Ether Books.

In addition I am also in The Quarterly Review at Bewildwering Stories.
and in Every Day Poets' Editor's View

This day last year was the super-cell storm in Newcastle-- a day that will last in the memory of all of us who were caught in it as we were with Nathan Rosen and Jenesta Matthews who visited Britain in the wettest summer for 100 years :( Look at that cloud! This was just before lightning struck the Tyne Bridge there.
So I wrote Art of the Storm

Thankfully today is calm, the sun is just coming out  and I am watching grey wagtails taking food to their chicks in a little hole in our hedge. :)

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