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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Food for Thought for Friday -- Year of the Horse in the Clouds and the Wood Horse

I was born in 1954 and that makes me a Wood Horse and a Horse in the Clouds. Freedom loving. Highly intelligent (that's just me talkin') Independent. Determined and it has to be said -- a little inflexible when I have my mind made up -- okay -- downright  stubborn!!! When I get the bit between my teeth I turn into a proper hobby horse. On the other hand since I find it difficult to make my mind up... Well as my mother once told me -- ''you'll never go out of your mind at least -- for you were never in it." 

I don't know whether those are qualities that afflict Horses in the Clouds but in general I am not a big fan of horses -- they're -- horses... I have never felt any connection. In fact I find them a bit creepy somehow. One of my favourite creatures though is the sea horse because they are so enchantingly 'other' and also because the lads have the babies -- an emanently sensible arrangemant in my view -- not that I have any experience in that regard. 

Now, some of my U.S. friend have been known to say, 'Oonah -- you rock!' Okay -- so I might  sway a bit when I've had a couple... I wonder... does that make me a rocking horse? ;) And once somebody remarked that I was the brightest thing in Morpeth (clothes-wise -- I think they meant LOUD) So that would be a horse of a different colour.

A wooden rocking sea horse of a different colour -- that's me.

strictly speaking this is a sea dragon but I think he's awesome and a bit like a cloud himself :)

If you are interested in Feng Shui or other matters pertaining to the year of the horse, this is the link for you :)
Of Feng Shui and other matters

Food? I will be making low fat chicken and stir fried vegetables. Oh yes you can! Just because you are stir frying doesn't mean you have to put a gallon of oil in the wok! Two teaspoonfuls of sunflower oil is plenty. Also don't buy one of those supermarket bags of veggies. Try a mix of your own.

eg: chopped onion, carrot cut into strips, small broccoli florettes, baby corn (or tinned corn) mangetout, button mushrooms and a handful of cashew nuts. You can use pretty much any combination of vegetables you want. I like to add a can of bamboo shoots :) And don't forget the triumvirate of stir fry -- garlic, chili and ginger! Just put that lot in the very hot oils and stir about a bit. Add some soy sauce and bingo!

And if you have any left over it makes a very nice omelette the next day (thanks to Nathan Rosen for that tip).

Same goes for the chicken. You can spray it with oil, cook in in a hot oven and then heat it through in a sauce.  I have a packet of lemon sauce at the ready. Easy and low cal Horse sense. 
What ever you do -- Enjoy! And especially to my fellow Horses and Wood Horses (only years ending in 4) 

Happy Year of the Horse

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  1. I'll have to share this with Mick, your fellow year-of-the-horse baby (also 1954). It amuses me that he also doesn't care to be near horses, especially since he does horse genetic disease research! Happy Year of the Horse to you, too, and yes, you do rock.