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Friday, 18 April 2008

Bewildering Stories

I was and always am very proud to have any poem or story accepted by Don Webb and Bill Bowler at BwS. My writewords friends told me they ran a tight ship and it's true. They expect the best and then they improve on it with their excellent editing and previewing procedures.

But more than that Bewildering Stories is a fabulous mixture of Literature and art and photography and science - yes science! NASA 's picture of the day can take you on a journey to the nebulae and on a spacewalk with the astronauts building the I.S.S. (see The Mission below) And if that doesn't tranport you try some Crystalwizardry! (see Ships below) and if that doesn't take you to another place, read some of the stories and memoirs. (See Trip to Tangier below)

You'll be back for more I promise.

To have had work chosen for the Quarterly Reviews (which showcases the best of BwS) was astounding - such an honour. And yes, of course that is part of why I write. Who doesn't want a prize?
Clear and Cold the Rising Moon
Trip to Tangier * (Made 1st Quarterly Review 2008)
The Milgram Hypothesis * (Made 1st Quarterly Review 2008)
Ships * (Made 4th Quarterly Review 2007)
Snoll and Books
The Mission

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